Obama Holds Press Conference With George W. Bush on Haiti… After Bashing Him All Year (Video)

Classy President Obama held a press conference at the White House today with President George W. Bush and President Clinton. George Bush was Obama’s punching bag all year in 2009.
This was President Bush’s first trip to the White House since the Inauguration last year.

Obama greets Bush to White House after bashing him all year in nearly every speech:

As always George Bush showed class even though this guy has been rubbing his face in the dirt his entire first year as president.

Bush and Clinton will lead the Clinton-Bush Haiti fund.


Instapundit reported this by Claudia Rosett: Haiti: U.S. Sends Help, U.N. Wants Money.

“In Haiti, the UN has been reporting that it has some personnel working on the ground, and is preparing to mobilize more. But the basic picture so far is that once again the American military is shouldering the chief burden of immediate relief. The UN’s clearest activity to date has been to call for money to start pouring into the UN — with a ‘flash appeal’ today for $562 million.”

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