Obama Disaster Continues… Unemployment Holds at 10.0%

The Obama disaster continues.

Unemployment held at a record 10.0% in December following the “unexpected loss” of 85,000 jobs.

The Washington Times reported:

The economy lost more jobs than expected in December while the unemployment rate held steady at 10 percent, as a sluggish economic recovery has yet to revive hiring among the nation’s employers.

The Labor Department said Friday that employers cut 85,000 jobs last month, worse than the 8,000 drop analysts expected.

A sharp drop in the labor force, a sign more of the jobless are giving up on their search for work, kept the unemployment rate at the same rate as in November. Once people stop looking for jobs, they are no longer counted among the unemployed.

When discouraged workers and part-time workers who would prefer full-time jobs are included, the so-called “underemployment” rate in December rose to 17.3 percent, from 17.2 percent in October. That’s just below a revised figure of 17.4 percent in October, the highest on records dating from 1994.

The average unemployment for Obama’s first year climbed to 9.26% in December.

GOP.com points out today how much the democratic leaders ridiculed George Bush when he was actually stimuluating the economy with tax cuts and creating millions of US jobs. My, how things have changed.

More… Zero Hedge reported: “Any way you look at it, 40% of the unemployed, or 4% of the workforce, a record number of people, or 6.1 million, are now unemployed for over 27 weeks. In November this number was 5.9 million, and a year ago it was a meager 2.5 million. Green shoots.”

UPDATE: Here’s a look at what was promised America and where we are at:

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