Newsweek Kook: Obama Should Be on Mount Rushmore For His Speech (Video)

Nuts. Do they really not understand why they’re losing millions?
Newsweek’s Howard Fineman told MSNBC host Keith Olbermann that Obama’s SOTU speech last night was so good that he deserves a place on Mount Rushmore for it.

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And, they wonder why FOX News trounces them night after night?


These media cranks are in worse shape than we thought if they believe that Obama’s dishonest and offensive attacks on business, banks, Republicans, the Supreme Court, and George W. Bush, in his SOTU last night deserved some kind of award. Never has a president given such a dishonest speech to the American public… since, well, his last speech to Congress on health care.
NewsBusters reported on this nut’s crazy talk:

HOWARD FINEMAN, NEWSWEEK: If presidential leadership were only about giving speeches, the jackhammers would already be at work on Mt. Rushmore. I thought the guy dominated the room, used humor, occupied the middle ground. It was both theatrically very good, playing in the hall much better than it read on the page, tactically quite smart. Keith, this was one of the most conservative speeches that I, leaving aside the fact that the tax, some of the Bush tax cuts will lapse, some of the other features in there. By and large, talking about tax cuts, stressing tax cuts, spending freezes, talking about the virtues of the econ, free enterprise and the economy. In many, many ways, this is one of the most conservative speeches that a Democratic president has given since I think the middle of Bill Clinton’s time. And it was tactically quite smart on the President’s part. And his tone, which was all sweet reasonableness, designed as Rachel said to force the Republicans to stand up as they eventually did, I thought it was, it was very, very well done, and really left the Republican governor of Virginia very little to say. He didn’t have much to say to begin with.

What liberal garbage.
That speech did nothing but annoy Americans and hurt democrats. That’s it.

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