Michele Bachmann: Dems Haven't Sobered Up Yet; They're Arrogant Just Like Specter (Video)

Michele Bachmann talked with Sean Hannity about Arlen Specter’s sexist attack on the radio.
Specter told Bachmann to “act like a lady” during their radio debate this week. It’s a good thing he became a democrat because a Republican could never get away with such a sexist statement.

Bachmann told Hannity tonight the democratic party is arrogant just like Specter:

Michele Bachmann: I told him that we should focus on prosperity and job creation and Senator Specter turned and questioned if I was a lady. He told me basically to sit down and be quiet. I was actually stunned at the arrogance…

Sean Hannity: Has he tried to call and apologize? Has he tried to contact you?


Michele Bachmann: No. Not at all. We didn’t hear anything and I just left Washington. Now I’m in Minnesota back in my district and we haven’t heard anything from Senator Specter’s office. But, what’s really stunning again about that whole interchange is that it was emblematic of the message the voters sent on Tuesday evening. The voters repudiated the arrogance that’s come out of the democrat party and what I heard yesterday on the radio with Senator Specter was more of that arrogance. They haven’t sobered up yet to the reality that the people are in charge not this very liberal majority.

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