GREAT SCOTT! Live Streaming the Scott Brown Election Party– Election Updates —COAKLEY CONCEDES!!

Coakley Goes Down— Obamacare Goes Down— Democrats Go Down— Obama Goes Down—

The Miracle in Massachusetts

Yahoo reported- Republican’s win a huge blow for Obama

—Cool. The place is buzzing with excitement.
(It may take about a minute to load.)

Scott Brown tweeted today that football great Doug Flutie helped set up for the party tonight.

Talking Points Memo is posting updates from the returns all night.
My FOX Boston also has rolling election updates.

Kate O’Malley wrote today on Scott Brown’s Awesome, Wonderful, Very Good Week.

Rasmussen reported that 22% of Democrats voted for Brown.

UPDATE: Here are some numbers:
MA-SEN Votes Brown
R 52%–30,579
Coakley D 47%–27,551
Kennedy I 1%–541

Bill O’Reilly just announced that with 7% of the votes counted Brown leads 51-48.

Patrick Ruffini reported that in North Andover where Obama won by 6 points. Brownis up 29 points… A 35 point swing, 9% more than needed.

UPDATE: More numbers:
MA-SEN Votes
Brown R 52%–103,633
Coakley D 47%–93,019
Kennedy I 1%–1,832

UPDATE: 11% reporting and Brown is up 53-46%:
MA-SEN Votes
Brown R 53%–143,950
Coakley D 46%–126,037
Kennedy I 1%–2,506

UPDATE: 18% reporting Brown is up by 5%.

UPDATE: 21% reporting Brown up by 7 points 53-46%.

UPDATE: 25% reported and Brown leads 52% to 47%!

UPDATE: 29% reporting Brown leads 53-47

UPDATE: 36% reporting Brown-52/47
The Park Plaza is packed!

UPDATE: 40% reporting Brown 53-46.

UPDATE: 45% reporting Brown 52-47

UPDATE: 52% Brown 52-47
The crowd is Chanting USA… USA…

UPDATE: 57% 53-47 Brown!!!!!!

UPDATE: 63% 53-46 Scott Brown—–
Thank goodness Barack Obama went to Boston on Sunday.

UPDATE: 69% reporting 53-46 Scott Brown.

UPDATE: Coakley Concedes!

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