Leftwing Rag: Even Charles Manson Could Beat Obama Today

When you lose The Guardian you know you’re in trouble…
The far left Guardian today says “Even Charles Manson Could Beat Him Now.”

Charles Manson?

A week may be a long time in politics. But a year has not been enough for the Democratic president to meet the expectations of his candidacy, deal with the situation he inherited or defuse the barbed charges of his detractors. For many the change that Obama promised when he was inaugurated a year on Wednesday has ended up being a change for the worse. Unemployment is rising, houses prices are falling, unpopular wars are still raging. After 100 days only Ronald Reagan had higher approval ratings for his first few months in office than Obama. But as his first year draws to a close nobody has had lower ratings at this stage since Dwight Eisenhower…

“A lot of information about Obama’s background is missing,” says Abigail Billings. “The media in America is not doing any research. They’re not asking any questions. They’re not reporting any longer. They’re now opinionated talk shows. They’re no longer offering factual news coverage.” They all watch Fox News.

Many on America’s left are also ¬≠disgruntled with Obama. They believe the healthcare reform, without a public option, will be inadequate, that the war in Afghanistan will unravel, the stimulus bill was insufficient to kick-start the economy and that his economic team is being run by Wall Street. But unlike the right they have so far failed to turn their disillusionment into a potent political force.

“I’d have thought in the past that if Charles Manson ran against a Republican in Floyd County he would win,” says Bartley. “But Charles Manson could beat Barack Obama here right now. Thousands of miners out of work, the entire local economy in the tank. But he’s got a couple of years where he could turn this round. If he does that he could win. If he doesn’t, Charles Manson could come in and win.”

Hat Tip Brian B.

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