Every Party Needs a Pooper… Killjoy Glenn Beck Attacks Scott Brown After Historic Win (Video)

Every Party Needs a Pooper…
Glenn Beck attacked Scott Brown today for posing semi-nude in Cosmopolitan more than 20 years ago as a college student. Beck also attacked the Massachusetts Republican after his historic win for the comments Brown made about his daughters during his acceptance speech.

While Scott Brown was posing semi-nude and getting paid Glenn Beck was likely struggling with substance abuse. We all have made mistakes as young adults. Why Glenn thinks the Cosmo spread is such a huge flaw in Brown’s past is anybody’s guess.

UPDATE: Glenn was even harder on Brown on his radio show today. Mediaite reported:

“I want his every move watched in Washington. I don’t trust this guy…This one could end with a dead intern. I’m just saying, it could end with a dead intern.”

That’s a bit over the top to say the least.


UPDATE 2: The Great One Mark Levin didn’t appreciate Glenn’s attacks on Scott Brown today.

UPDATE 3: Ayla Brown defended her father after Glenn Beck’s attacks today.
The Politico reported:

“That is incredible. It just surprises me that people can be so negative,” Ayla said. “I feel as though all fathers across the nation can relate to having daughters and having these conversations…That’s our dad. There’s nothing creepy about it at all.”

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