Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… Obama's Biggest Failure in 2009 (Video)

Last year democrats promised America that if their $787 billion Stimulus package was passed that jobs would be created. Obama promised America that with the Stimulus bill unemployment would not rise above 8.o%.
Unemployment reached 10.2% in October.

Naked Emporer News put this video together of Obama’s biggest failure of 2009- lost jobs, via Breitbart:

As reported earlier- Barack Obama lost more jobs in 2009 than any president in modern history.

Even with the $787 billion stimulus package that Obama signed in February, more than 4 million jobs have been lost in 2009, the worst year for job losses since World War II. The jobless rate that advisers projected would peak at 8% has topped 10%.

President Obama is the “Unemployment President.”

The unemployment rate was at 10.0% in December.

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