Japanese Whaling Ship Destroys Radical Group's New Space-Age Powerboat (Video)

There she blows!
The radical anti-whaling group Sea Shephard Conservation Society lost their brand-spanking new space-age powerboat today after a Japanese whaling ship rammed the boat in the Antarctic waters off New Zealand.

The new space-age boat was rammed and sunk off New Zealand.
The New Zealand Herald reported:

The crew of the New Zealand trimaran harassing Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean had to be rescued after their boat was allegedly rammed and sunk by a Japanese ship, anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says.

The confrontation is thought to have happened early today in the area of Commonwealth Bay off the Adelie Coast of Antarctica.

The former Earthrace boat – now known as the Ady Gil – was captained by Aucklander Pete Bethune and had at least three other New Zealanders and a Dutchman in its crew.


Mr Bethune said before his departure he would not follow previous Sea Shepherd tactics and try to ram Japanese whalers.

Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson told The Age newspaper the Ady Gill had been cut in half by the Japanese whaler acting as a security vessel for the Japanese fleet.

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