Iranian Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi Survives Assassination Attempt

Mehdi Karroubi is an influential Iranian reformist politician and democracy activist.

Planet Iran reported that Opposition Leader Mehdi Karoubi recently wrote on his Facebook page that the current situation in Iran is the most difficult for the revolutionary forces in the past 30 years. He also wrote, ” I am ready for everything and have no fear of anything.”

Iranian Opposition Leader Mehdi Karoubi (Mahdi Karroubi) survived an assassination attempt today in the city of Qazin.
APA reported:

Karroubi visited northern city of Qazvin to attend funeral of the persons killed during the opposition’s protest actions.Around 500 residents of nearby villages and basiji militants surrounded the house where Karroubi was and attacked the building with stones breaking windows. They attacked Karroubi’s car with gunfire when he took it, but Karroubi’s armored car helped him to avoid the injuries. Karroubi said his bodyguards didn’t open reprisal fire because they could be arrested. The gunmen were not detained.

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