Former Quincy Mayor & Lifelong Dem Endorses Scott Brown

Red Mass Group reported on the latest democrat to jump ship:

James Sheets a six term Democratic mayor of Quincy today endorsed Scott Brown for United States Senator. He released the following statement via the Brown campaign:

“Despite being a lifelong member of the Democratic Party, I am endorsing Scott Brown for Senate, as I know he will always represent Massachusetts with an independent voice in Washington,” Sheets said. “Martha Coakley has repeatedly stated she would cast the critical 60th vote for the current health care proposal that would slash Medicare funding by nearly half-a-trillion dollars and dramatically impact the care so many seniors rely upon in their final years. As our United States Senator, I am confident Scott Brown will only support legislation that will benefit his constituents, and this is why I will be voting for him on Tuesday.”

Quincy is the seventh largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

At least 1 in 5 democrats in Massachusetts are voting for Scott Brown.

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