Dr. Seuss on Scott Brown's Big Win: Boom Boom Boom… Mr. Brown Makes Thunder

Dr. Seuss said it best…
Boom Boom Boom… Mr. Brown Makes Thunder
Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

BOOM BOOM BOOM Mr. Brown is a wonder!
BOOM BOOM BOOM Mr. Brown makes thunder!
He makes lightning SPLATT SPLATT SPLATT!
And it’s very, very hard to make a noise like that.

Well said, Doctor.
Via Modern Conservative

Mr. Brown certainly made thunder last night winning the race to replace Massachusetts Senator Teddy Kennedy.
Democrats are stunned.
The AP eported

Republicans are rejoicing and Democrats reeling in the wake of Scott Brown’s stunning victory over Martha Coakley in a special Massachusetts Senate election that Brown insists was not simply a referendum on President Barack Obama.

Still, Obama grimly faced a need to both regroup and recoup losses on Wednesday, the anniversary of his inauguration, in a White House shaken by the realization of what a difference a year made. The most likely starting place was finding a way to save the much-criticized health care overhaul he’s been trying to push through Congress.

In one of the country’s most traditionally liberal states, Brown rode a wave of voter anger to defeat Coakley, the attorney general who had been considered a surefire winner until just days ago. Her loss signaled big political problems for Obama and the Democratic Party this fall when House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates are on the ballot nationwide.

Hat Tip Katie O’Malley

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