Count 'Em… Obama Lied 8 Times About Televising Healthcare Debate

Eight times Barack Obama promised during the 2008 campaign to televise the Congressional health care debates.

Drudge reported on these lies this morning.
Instead democrats are meeting secretly this week to work out the final details on their nationalized health care scheme.

Here’s the video:

Via Naked Emperor News.

Michelle Malkin wrote more on these closeted late night secret democratic negotiations to nationalize health care today in her column.


According to The Politico:

The president is favoring the Senate’s more conservative approach, which is not surprising considering the political realities. Passing reform is now a numbers game – 60 and 218. Pelosi has votes to spare. Reid does not.

But in the end, the democrats will line up and ram this unpopular bill down America’s throat despite the naive concerns of the state-run media.

Founding Bloggers calls this Obama’s “Read my lips” moment.

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