Ann Coulter to Al Sharpton: "Did Harry Reid Ask You to Stop Using Your Negro Dialect Too?" (Video)

After Al Sharpton went on for five minutes about how he forgave Harry Reid for his Obama negro comments, Ann Coulter asked, “Did he ask you to stop using your negro dialect too?”

Ann Coulter nailed Sharpton on the Democrat’s racial double standards.
Even Geraldo Rivera pointed out the obvious double standards.

Coutler ate his lunch.
Final remark by Coulter: “I think despite Reid apologizing to all African-Americans- light skinned, medium skinned, dark skinned -I still think he will lose.”

It’s weekends like this that make it harder and harder for democrats to play their political race card when it’s become obvious that it has little to do with race and everything to do with politics.


Related… The DNC Chairman defended Harry Reid’s negro comments on Sunday.

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