Cocky Dem Coakley Goes On Vacation 20 Days Before Senate Election in Massachusetts

Talk about cocky…
Democratic candidate Martha Coakley went on vacation 20 days before the election to replace Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown traveled the state this weekend speaking to small business owners.
Here’s another great video by the Scott Brown Campaign:

The Boston Herald reported:


Where’s Martha? Why didn’t she put out a statement regarding the attempted terrorist attack by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab? She is on vacation with 20 days to go until the election. Does Martha already need the rest or she just the most cocky candidate in the Commonwealth’s history?

Martha did make some time for a couple of campaign items such as refusing to debate Scott Brown one-on-one. During this election, she believes that every candidate has a right to be heard. That belief does not really cut it when Martha previously refused to debate her opponent in 2006.

Martha has also made time to attack Scott Brown’s latest television commercial. She finds the ad “misleading.” Scott has been naughty for pointing out how far left the Democrat party has gone. They no longer represent the working people. They represent the people who live off of taxpayer dollars and radical special interest groups.

I have no clue as to why Martha thinks the ad is ‘misleading.’ It talks about tax cuts helping the economy. I know it is not a concept that Martha gets, but there is nothing ‘misleading’ about it. What is misleading in this state is when a Democrat claims to be for cutting taxes and then does the exact opposite when elected like Governor Patrick. Furthermore, what is misleading is when a candidate for the Senate promises to raise multiple taxes during the primary and then puts out a plan calling for middle class tax cuts during the General elecion. Did I mention that Martha now has her own phony plan to help the middle class and businesses? If you believe it, please call me because I can make a good deal on some swamp land in Florida.

Do you really want a double-talking, arrogant, cocky, tax increaser, Obamacare supporter as our next United States Senator? I hope not! If you are voting for Scott Brown, absentee ballots are now available at town halls across the Commonwealth.

Coakley has also been dodging reporters. Senator John McCain released a video endorsing Scott Brown this week:

** You can make a donation to Scott Brown’s campaign here.

UPDATE: Lefty panic may be setting in.

UPDATE 2: Michelle Malkin has more on the race.

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