Bill Kristol Destroys Obama Administration: They're Not Serious About the War on Terror (Video)

Bill Kristol argued today on FOX News Sunday that Obama just gave a win to Al-Qaeda this week:

NewsBusters has more on Kristol’s comments today:

Bill Kristol has set forth a stinging indictment of the Obama admin’s handling of the war on terror.

It was a mistake to treat Abdul Mutallab as a criminal defendant rather than as an enemy combatant: “Mr. Brennan [Obama’s top counter-terrorism adviser who appeared earlier] said to you that we’re very worried that there’re other Abdul Mutallabs out there. This Abdul Mutallab was there for four months. He might know who the others are. He might know their names. Will you let him lawyer up?”

… “Closing the embassy in Yemen last night? No one wants State Department officials put at risk, but that is a sign of weakness. Closing the embassy? We can’t protect our own embassy in Yemen, a place where we have special operations forces. A place we say we’re working with the government on the front lines of the war on terror? And there’s a terror threat, and we close the embassy? That’s a victory for al Qaeda. This last week has been a victory for al Qaeda in that region, I’m afraid.”

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