Barack Obama on Terror: "Ultimately the Buck Stops With Me" (Video)

Barack Obama told America today that, “Ultimately the buck stops with me.”
This could come back to haunt him:

If the buck stops with Barack, why did it take him 4 days to respond to the attempted Christmas Day bombing?

President Obama also said that we are at war against Al-Qaeda who is bent on killing us… But, was the Fort Hood killer Nidal Hassan an al-Qaeda member or a radical Islamist?
It would be nice if Barack Obama knew who exactly we are at war with.

Since Barack Obama took office there has been an increase in terrorist activity in the US. There have been 33 terror-related “events” on these shores since 9-11. 13 of those events occurred in 2009.


More… Chuck in St. Paul added:

The buck stop there alright, but by the time it gets there it’ll be worth ten cents.

Or less.

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