AP: Don't Let the -45 Degree Weather Fool You… Global Warming Is REAL

It might be minus 45 in the upper Midwest today but that won’t stop the state-run media from pushing their leftist propaganda.

The Associated Press is out pushing their leftist propaganda this week despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. They don’t want anyone to be fooled by the snow, ice, and record cold… Manmade global warming is real.

Beijing had its coldest morning in almost 40 years and its biggest snowfall since 1951. Britain is suffering through its longest cold snap since 1981. And freezing weather is gripping the Deep South, including Florida’s orange groves and beaches.

Whatever happened to global warming?

Such weather doesn’t seem to fit with warnings from scientists that the Earth is warming because of greenhouse gases. But experts say the cold snap doesn’t disprove global warming at all — it’s just a blip in the long-term heating trend.

“It’s part of natural variability,” said Gerald Meehl, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. With global warming, he said, “we’ll still have record cold temperatures. We’ll just have fewer of them.”

Icicles hang from an orange tree after it was sprayed with water throughout the night in Plant City, Florida January 6, 2010. The water was sprayed to protect the other plants in the nursery from the cold weather. (REUTERS/Scott Audette)

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