Andrew Brietbart: Obama Took a Kid's Surfboard Accident More Seriously Than the Underwear Bomber (Video)

Andrew Breitbart was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss Obama’s national security policies. Andrew pointed out that Obama took a kid’s surfboard accident in Hawaii more seriously than the underwear bomber over Detroit. When the kid got hurt, the president at least rushed home from the golf course.

Andrew Breitbart also mentioned Michael Yon being handcuffed by TSA agents today at the Seattle Airport.

Sean Hannity: Do we have an administration that’s clueless? Do we have an administration that is endangering the American people?

Andrew Breitbart: I think the answer is yes to that. But, I think that in terms of pure symbolism this was the guy who was supposed to come in and takeover from where the supposedly inept George Bush left off. This is a guy who treated a surfboard accident with a kid more seriously than he treated the underwear bomber. He went out to play golf once he found out what had occurred but when he found out that a friend’s kid’s chin got a cut on it he quit his golf game.

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