ACORN's Bertha Lewis on James O'Keefe: "Finally People Get To See- He Is No Hero- He Is a Criminal" (Video) …Update: O'Keefe Responds to Charges

That didn’t take long…
ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis told far left MSNBC host Ed Schultz today that finally people get to see who James O’Keefe really is, “He’s no hero. He’s a criminal.”

The Obama supporting ACORN organization was caught in several lies last year when James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles released tapes exposing ACORN employees promoting child prostitution of illegal aliens.

O’Keefe has not been convicted of any crimes but was arrested yesterday in New Orleans with three other associates after visiting Senator Mary Landrieu’s office.

Andrew Breitbart discussed the arrest today with Hugh Hewitt.


UPDATE: James O’Keefe tweeted this a couple of hours ago:

Let’s hope so.

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