VIDEO PROOF– C-SPAN Caller Who Pranked Sen. Barrasso Was Phony Republican

Here’s video proof that the crank caller to C-SPAN who said he was a “teabag protester” and a “Republican” was just a fake liberal troll trying to make Republicans look bad.
The Soros-linked Think Progress was all over this story during the voting by democrats to nationalize the nation’s health care this week.

The fake Republican has called into C-SPAN several times to toy with Republicans… He even called in as a Democrat just to harass Bill Kristol on the Iraq War.
But, most of the time he just plays a fake rich racist white Republican:
HotAirPundit posted the clips– I consolidated into one video here:

There really is no depth too low for the liberals to slander Republicans and push their leftist agenda.

For the record… It was pretty sad that Obama-supporting quasi-Republican David Brooks appeared to agree with the caller on his southern racist comments.

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