Unpopular President Welcomes Government Takeover of Health Care Industry (Video)

Unpopular President Obama celebrated the historic passage of his nationalized health care bill. He bashed private industry during his announcement welcoming the passage of the disastrous bill. He also misrepresented the supposed savings from this government takeover of the private sector.

President Barack Obama says Congress is now “incredibly close to making health insurance reform a reality in this country.” He says lawmakers must now finish that job, and make 2010 the year health care reform arrives. (Dec. 24)

House Republican Leader John Boehner released this statement following the democrat’s power grab this morning:

“Not even Ebenezer Scrooge himself could devise a scheme as cruel and greedy as Democrats’ government takeover of health care.

“Senator Reid’s health care bill increases premiums for families and small businesses, raises taxes during a recession, cuts seniors’ Medicare benefits, adds to our skyrocketing debt, and puts bureaucrats in charge of decisions that should be made by patients and doctors. The bill also authorizes taxpayer-funded abortions, violating long-standing federal policy. It’s no coincidence that the more the American people learn about this monstrosity, the more they oppose it.

“This legislation is so toxic that Senator Reid needed to pull off a series of outrageous payoffs, kickbacks and sweetheart deals just to get the votes of members of his own party. The way in which Senate Democrats turned their backs on American families and put their votes on the auction block is a disgrace to our country.

“President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Reid will now hammer out a final bill in secret, despite campaign promises and pledges of the most ‘open and honest’ Congress in history. The American people don’t want the future of their health care being decided behind closed doors by three liberal Washington Democrats. That’s why they need to fight harder than ever, speaking loudly and with one voice, saying ‘stop.’

Most voters (54%) also believe they personally will be worse off if the health care plan passes. Just 25% think they will be better off.

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