There Is a Difference… No Republicans Vote For "Son of Stimulus"

Not a single GOP Rep voted for the democrat’s historic trilion dollar Stimulus Package.
Not a single GOP Rep voted for the democrat’s record budget.
And, once again, not one single Republican House members voted for “Son of Stimulus” the latest Democratic spending bill.
Despite what some people say, there is a difference between the two parties.

The democrats passed their latest spending bill 218 to 214.
The Hill reported, via Sweetness and Light:

The House narrowly passed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) $174 billion jobs bill Wednesday, only after Pelosi and other party leaders yelled, pleaded and cajoled reluctant Democrats worried over deficit spending.

The vote was 217-212. No Republicans voted for the bill, and 38 Democrats voted against it.

It was the second suspenseful vote of what House members hope was their last workday in 2009. Democratic leaders also had to lobby members from conservative districts to pass a $300 billion increase in the debt limit.

The close votes reflect the growing unease among centrist Democrats that the deficit spending that Congress has undertaken to right the economy is becoming a potent campaign issue.

“We’ve got to indicate we’re serious about the deficit,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), who voted “no” and represents a Republican-leaning district with low unemployment. “We didn’t cause the deficit, but we have to address it.”

Rep. Connolly is right.
Democrats didn’t create the deficit. They just tripled it in less than one year.
obama deficit
The democrats increased the national debt to $12 Trillion.
And democrats nearly doubled the unemployment rate since the Bush years with their failed Stimulus Plan.
So now their going to give “Son of Stimulus” a try.

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