Stunner. Skittish Dem's Cut-&-Run From Obama's Failed National Security Policies

What a shock. Dem’s get skittish. Leave Obama hanging.

The cut-and-run party is refusing to defend Obama’s failed national security policies.
The Plum Line reported.

Are Democrats so cowed by Republican attacks on Obama’s foreign policy that they’re unwilling to defend him?

It’s now been five days since the attempted bombing of Flight 253 in Detroit, and Congressional Democrats are still turning the other cheek to Republicans who are using the incident to attack Obama’s entire approach to national security.

At first, I thought this line of attack, pushed by Rep. Peter Hoekstra and Rep. Peter King, might fizzle out, but this is clearly not going away. Take South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint’s comments to Fox News yesterday, which were featured in this morning’s lead POLITICO article on the Republican response:

“[S]oft talk about engagement, closing Gitmo, these things are not going to appease the terrorists,” he said. “They’re going to keep coming after us, and we can’t have politics as usual in Washington, and I’m afraid that’s what we’ve got right now with airport security.”

Once again, these are not just complaints about the Homeland Security bureaucracy; Republicans are calling Obama, and his strategy, weak on terrorism. While Democrats have shown a wilingness to ding DeMint for putting a hold on Obama’s nominee to head the TSA, they have been completely silent in the face of these wider criticisms, even after the president articulated a defense of his foreign policy yesterday.

Too funny.
Who in their right mind would support Obama’s weak response to man-caused disasters?
From closing Gitmo, to moving terrorists to Illinois, to holding terror trials in New York City, to bowing to commies and regime leaders, Obama’s national security policies are an unavoidable disaster. Let’s hope he changes course before we get hit again by Al-Qaeda.

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