Stunner. Barack Hussein Obama & Family to Skip Christmas Services

Another stunner from the Obama White House.
BHO and his family will skip Christmas services this year.
Evidently, Rev. Jeremiah G-D AmeriKKKa Wright was not holding services in the DC area tonight.

But they did put up a Christmas Tree…

…Complete with Mao Tse-Tung balls.
Canada Free Press reported:

A writer for TIME magazine reports that the president and his family are not attending Christmas services. Gee, what a surprise! Barack Hussein Obama has consistently shown his lack of understanding of the Holy Bible, his disdain for the spiritual meaning of Christmas (no Nativity crèche in the White House), and his propensity to bow to Muslim leaders.

But the fact is that NO TRUE CHRISTIAN can support abortion and the federal funding thereof. Don’t give me the “representative of the majority” nonsense. Here we sit on the precipice of the massive mountain of federal control of the health care system in America.  The vast majority, liberals included, are against this thievery—yet the arrogance of Washington and the Democratic sleaze presses on in total disregard of the American public it should be serving.

The Constitution is in the shredder and has been since the new administration began moving with Blitzkrieg speed to control the sure and certain enslavement of the people through ungodly spending bills and back room deals in which Representatives and Senators have sold what little soul they might have left.

How can a politician who claims to be a Christian—Catholic, Protestant, or otherwise—truly and with clear conscience vote for federal funding of abortion? The answer is they can’t IF they truly are Christians.

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