St. Louis Blogger Donates Computer to Leukemia Survivor Kenneth Gladney

This deserves a shout out…
St. Louis blogger Michelle Moore took time out of her busy schedule to donate a computer to leukemia survivor Kenneth Gladney.
gladney leukemia 004
Michelle blogs at A Traditional Life Lived here in St. Louis.

I will join Michelle tonight on her internet show– Moore from the Right.
A fun, interactive, smart show discussing politics and current events. Sometimes sweet and always snarky-join Michelle Moore for the most informative and exciting 30 minutes you will find anywhere on the Internet!

Check out Michelle’s blog and her alter ego MetalBabe, for “MetalBabe & the Mohawk” on the best Internet radio show around “The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy” on RFC Radio ( Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern


Address for the show sign up for the site is required then select the show and we’ll be ready to rock and roll at 9pm CST every Thursday!

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