SARAH PALIN GOES ROGUE On William Shatner on The Tonight Show (Video)

Sarah Palin Stole the Show Tonight–
The former Alaskan Governor made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show and went rogue on William Shatner.
Sarah was excellent—

Sarah turned the tables on Palin-basher William Shatner.
The AP reported on the surprise appearance:

Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” on Friday — and turned the tables on actor William Shatner.

In recent appearances on the late-night television show, Shatner has adopted a serious pose and recited some of Palin’s less serious observations.

He was brought out again Friday to read passages from Palin’s blockbuster “Going Rogue.” The carefully selected passages included ones about rapper Kid Rock and stalking sheep.

Afterward, it was Palin’s turn to read from Shatner’s autobiography, “Up Till Now.” The former Alaska governor’s selections included one in which Shatner talks about visiting an African elephant “in my underwear.”

After the readings, there appeared to be no hard feelings. The two left the stage arm-in-arm.

Mediaite has the full video clip.

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