Opposition Leader Mousavi's Nephew Shot Dead in Tehran Protests (Video)

The nephew of Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi was reportedly among eight people killed in clashes between police and protesters in Tehran.
Iran Press News (Farsi) posted video of the killing in Tehran:

Aljazeera reported:

An aide to the leader said on Sunday that Seyyed Ali Mousavi died after being shot by the police, but the claim could not be independently verified as foreign news organisations are barred by the authorities from covering street unrest.

Iranian state television, however, confirmed that several people were killed in clashes.

Opposition websites said at least four protesters had been killed in the capital Tehran while another four died in a violent crackdown on opposition protests in the northwestern city of Tabriz.

Mousavi’s Web site, Kaleme.ir, also reported that Mousavi’s nephew was among the dead today.


UPDATE: BBC Video— Mousavi went to the hospital where it was confirmed that his nephew had been shot dead by the regime.

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