Obama to Fly to Copenhagen in Blizzard to Talk Global Warming Junk Science

To the rescue…
plane obama
Barack Obama is set to humiliate the US again as he travels to the Copenhagen Conference tomorrow in a blizzard to talk junk science.
ABC News reported, via HotAir:

Despite some rumors swirling in Copenhagen that the lack of progress at the ongoing climate change summit will cause President Obama to cancel his attendance tomorrow, the White House says no – the President is still committed to going.

There have been “no changes” to the President’s plans, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters this morning.

Mr. Obama is set to leave this evening for an overnight trip to Copenhagen. He’ll spend the day Friday on the ground in Demark in hopes to negotiate toward a politically non-binding agreement.


Last night Chinese officials on the ground in Copenhagen said they see no possibility of achievement of a concrete operational accord this week, and have balked at the transparency requirements for a possible agreement. The White House said this morning that the elements of an agreement are there, and hopes China will get on board.

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