Obama Again Violates No Abortion Funding Pledge

Joe Wilson was right.
you lie
For the second time since his speech where he promised that abortion funding would not be included in the dem’s nationalized health care plan, President Obama lobbied democrats to add the funding to the Obamacare bill this past weekend.
Life News reported:

President Barack Obama told the American people in a national speech in September that “my” health care plan would not include taxpayer funding of abortion. Obama broke that pledge once by lobbying members of the House to support a pro-abortion funding bill and he did it again this weekend in the Senate.

Obama met with Senate Democrats in a closed door session on Sunday and told them to support the Harry Reid-sponsored bill that includes massive abortion funding and could force insurance companies to cover abortions with taxpayer’s premiums.

Although the media wasn’t allowed into the event, senators described the speech as one in which Obama asked them for their votes for the bill and said voting for the legislation was a historic opportunity.

Of course, this surprises no one.

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