Nobel Peace Prize Winner Rips UN For Silence On Iranian Atrocities

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner ripped the United Nations for its silence on the Iranian atrocities.
No… Not Barack Obama.
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Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi ripped the United Nations for its silence on the human rights violations in Iran.
RFE-RF reported:

Lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi believes the human rights situation in Iran is as bad as it has ever been. She said that aggression and suppression of protesters is both directed and systematic. People have been hired to attack and kill youth, she says. She pointed to the government’s attempt to ban memorial services for victims of post-election violence as just one example of these violations. “I am warning the UN. Mr. Ban Ki-moon should travel to Iran as soon as possible, before Iran becomes another Zimbabwe,” Ebadi says. “Why does the UN remain silent about these atrocities that take place in Iran?”

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Thousands of brave Iranians protested the evil regime this week.

Planet Iran reported on the massive protests against the brutal regime.
Regime Basiji thugs attacked student demonstrators at Tehran University:

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