Nebraska Governor to Senator Nelson: Give Your Bribe Back to Harry Reid (Video)

Nebraska Republican Governor Dave Heineman told Democratic Senator Ben Nelson to give Majority Leader Harry Reid back his $100 million bribe. Reid slipped the bribe in the Obamacare bill to buy Nelson’s vote.

Nebraska Governor Heineman joined Greta Van Susteren tonight.

Governor Heineman: We’ve already made it clear Greta, we want all of these special deals removed. In fact this afternoon our other United States Senator, Senator Mike Johanns introduced an amendment to strip all the special interest deals from this bill and the democrats objected. That is really unfortunate. All these specials deals should be removed from the bill.

Greta Van Susteren:
Now you talk about all of these special deals… What about to your state alone? Are you willing to say we don’t want the $100 million in our state Nebraska?

Governor Heineman: Absolutely. Nebraska doesn’t want a special deal. We only want a fair deal. We’re embarassed by what’s going on. We’re very surprised. Nebraskans are angry and upset about what occurred. And so they need to set this straight. I’ve also asked Senator Nelson and I’m going to repeat it again tonight. He has a chance tomorrow to vote no on cloture. That would be the best thing for Nebraska. The best thing for America. Send this bill back to committee. Go home for Christmas and think about it and get it right.

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