Muslim Man Released From Jail After Posting $100 Bond… Threatened to Blow Up Local Stores (Updated)

It’s an Obama world…

Mohamed Ibrahim is out of jail after posting $100 bond. Mohamed, 35, threatened businesses on Poplar Avenue, Summer Avenue, Mendenhall, Perkins and Danny Thomas Boulevard. The suspect tried to kick out the windows of a patrol car during the arrest and police said they had to use pepper spray to subdue him.

Memphis offiicials released Mohamed Ibrahim from jail after he threatened to blow up several local stores. He was carrying a knife and driving a PT Cruiser when he was arrested.
MyEyeWitness News reported:

Tonight, Mohamed Ibrahim is out after posting $100 bond. Earlier in the day, he was arrested after police say he walked into several Memphis businesses and threatened to blow them up.

Court records show Ibrahim was also telling people he was Muslim, and wanted to start a jihad, or holy war, in Memphis.

Police say when they arrested him, he had a butcher knife hidden in one of his jacket sleeves.

There’s more… The Commercial Appeal reported:

The FBI found three Islamic cassette tapes and miscellaneous papers in the suspect’s car, which were removed for additional study, according to the affidavit. Police charged Ibrahim with commission of an act of terrorism, filing false reports and disorderly conduct. He posted $100 bond and was released, pending his court date on Monday.

The local store owners must be feeling much better now that Mohamed is back on the street.

UPDATE: Thanks to Debbie B. for this information. According to the Shelby County website, Ibrahim’s bail was set at $50,000 and his court date is January 11, 2010. The $100 bail was for a Class C misdemeanor charge on December 23. Blueguitarbob added that $50,000 is the maximum bail amount under the TN code for those charged with non-homicide felonies.

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