MOGOP Releases Statement On McCaskill's Obamacare Vote

Claire McCaskill – Rubber Stamp

The Missouri GOP released a statement on Claire McCaskill’s vote to nationalize health care.

MOGOP statement on McCaskill’s vote for the health care bill

JEFFERSON CITY—Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party, issued the following statement regarding Claire McCaskill’s vote in favor of the Democrats’ health care bill:

“This morning, Missourians woke up to find that Sen. Claire McCaskill cast the deciding vote in favor of the Democrats’ trillion dollar health care bill—a bill that was written in secret and voted on in the dead of night.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks used to bribe Senators in states like Nebraska, Vermont, and Louisiana are buried in the McCaskill-backed bill. But Missouri will receive no such benefits—instead, Missourians will face increased premiums, Medicare cuts, and tax increases.

“Once again, Claire McCaskill has proven that her claims of fiscal responsibility are nothing more than a mirage. She has made it obvious that her loyalty rests with Barack Obama instead of the Missourians who are overwhelmingly opposed to this legislation.”

More… Here is one Missourians letter to Obama’s lackey for voting to nationalize our nation’s health care:

Dear Sen. McCaskill,

I am beyond disappointment, I am thoroughly disgusted. You — who has NEVER asked for an earmark — condoned “payoff politics” by voting in favor of cloture on the Senate Healthcare bill. This makes absolutely NO SENSE to me.

Additionally, your state DOESN’T WANT this Healthcare disaster and you have voted to stop debate. How do you reconcile that with your constituents who in the majority don’t want this? You should have voted NO on cloture and asked that all payoffs to Sen’s. Nelson, Landrieu, Dodd, etc. be removed from the bill.

This bill that co-opts the Healthcare system, restricts pay for healthcare executives (that have TAKEN NO MONEY from the Federal Gov’t in BAILOUTS) and does none of the obvious things to contain healthcare costs like across state line competition, medical liability reform, small business pooling, etc. is an absolute

Your one vote on cloture could have stopped it. Why would you let these other Senators be bought off with deals?

You failed us. There is NO other way to say it.

I can’t even bring myself to wish you a Merry Christmas because you darn sure aren’t making mine Merry.

Thank you for your time.

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