Missouri Group Files Federal Lawsuit Against Robin Carnahan

A pro-life group filed a lawsuit against Missouri’s radical Secretary of State Robin Carnahan today for abuse of power. Carnahan is running for US senator from Missouri next year to replace Republican Kit Bond.

This morning, Missouri Roundtable For Life filed suit in the United States Distict Court, Eastern District, against Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and State Auditor Susan Montee for abusing their power in violating Missouri Roundtable For Life’s constitutional rights, including the right to free speech, equal protection under the law and right to due process, each time MRFL filed a common sense ballot initiative to protect Missouri taxpayer dollars.

The complaint filed in St. Louis (and attached to this email) alleges that Carnahan and Montee “intentionally engaged in a systematic, persistent and continuous campaign of unlawfully and inaccurately manipulating initiative petition language so as to mislead and confuse Missouri voters and to create prejudice against [MRFL’s] proposed constitutional amendments…

…“This lawsuit is an attempt by Missouri Roundtable For Life to hold Carnahan and Montee accountable for their flagrant abuse of their responsibility to fairly and impartially handle citizen groups’ initiative petitions,” said MRFL attorney Matt Hearne of Hearne and Bendick LLC. “Both Carnahan and Montee have used their offices to stand in the way of Missouri Roundtable For Life putting forth reasonable and common sense ideas before Missouri voters. Missouri Roundtable For Life has done everything it can to follow the law, yet Carnahan and Montee have so manipulated the process against MRFL that it is impossible for them to exercise their constitutional rights.”

“For the past 18 months, Missouri Roundtable For Life has tried to give Missouri voters a chance to limit taxpayer dollars from paying for abortions and human cloning,” said Fred N. Sauer, MRFL Board Chairman. “We look forward to our day in court and a full exposition of the all the facts, people, documents and other evidence involved in denying Missouri Roundtable For Life the right to directly speak to the voters.”

In related news… Carnahan’s brother will receive $90 million in stimulus cash.

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