MASSIVE PROTESTS IN IRAN– Protesters Beat & Stone Regime Thugs – Torch Police Cars

Massive protests broke out in Iran today.
Human rights activists in Iran Vdmkrasy report that, “Tehran is in fire and blood.”

Protesters corner police, torch their vehicles and hurl rocks at them. (Iran Press News)

Protesters torch a regime police van in Tehran today. (Iran Press News)

Protesters chase regime thugs down the street. (Iran Press News)


Police fired on the democratic protesters in Tehran:

The World Bulletin reported:

An Iranian opposition website said opposition leader Mousavi’s nephew was killed during clashes with security forces in Tehran on Sunday. “Ali Mousavi, 20, was killed in clashes on Sunday noon and his body was still kept in a Tehran hospital,” said parlemannews.

Protesters cornered regime thugs and beat them in the streets:

Other protesters helped to free the Basij thugs.

The Jawa Report is following the massive protests today.

Iran News Now posted this video:

Video surfaces showing people trampling a street sign with Khamenei’s name on it while some chant “This is a month of blood. Khamenei will be toppled!”, “Down with the dictator!”. One person shouts, “Enough! Enough! Let’s go before they come!”

The BBC reported that, “This is the same type of protesting that toppled the Shah.”

More… A police station was set on fire in Tehran:

The Daily Night Owl
is following the protests today.

For the record… Bush would have stood with the Iranian protesters.

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