Lib Reporter Says Protesters Were Asking For It When the Media Labeled Them "Teabaggers"

The corruption of the state-run media continues…
Liberal Chicago Tribune reporter Clarence Page says old ladies carrying protest signs are “asking for it” when they are called “teabaggers“:

NewsBusters reported:

The bitterness toward the tea party movement continues to go on and on.

Case in point – Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, who on the Dec. 27 broadcast of “The McLaughlin Group,” deemed it “The Most Defining Political Moment” of 2009, but refused to call it the “tea party.” Instead, he granted the movement the preferred name by the left-leaning cable network MSNBC, the “teabaggers” and somehow devised the notion that the movement “asked for” the derogatory name.

“The backlash movement known as the ‘teabaggers,’ who kind of asked for that name and now they regret it,” Page said.

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