Krauthammer and Hayes Slam Obama's Weak Afghan Surge Speech (Video)

“It’s not exactly the kind of speech you would have heard from Henry V or Churchill.”

Charles Krauthammer and Stephen Hayes slammed Barack Obama’s weak Afghan Surge speech tonight.
As usual, Krauthammer was right on:

Charles Krauthammer: I thought it was a rather strange speech. It was defensive and it was a lot of hedging. the president said at the end that our resolve is unwavering. He said in August this was a war of necessity. And then he gives us all of the reasons that we need to start leaving in a year and a half. And among the reasons he gave was that it was a very expensive war and we have a bad economy and that’s at least of equal importance. It’s not exactly the kind of speech you would have heard from Henry V or Churchill. And it’s not exactly the kind of speech you heard from George Bush when he announced his surge.

Stephen Hayes: The most important role of a president is Commander in Chief. This felt very small to me. The president in one sentence called this the common security of the world is at stake. And literally in the very next sentence he said we’re going to get out in July 2011. If it is the case that the common security of the world is at stake you don’t say that we need to figure out the problem in 18 months or we’re out of here.

Related… STACLU writes: “Message to Obama: A war cannot be ended — a war is either won or it is lost.”

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