Kenneth Gladney: St. Louis County Officials Refuse to Return My Calls (Video)

Big Government continued its investigation into the St. Louis Gladney-SEIU Beatdown today:

On July 31, 2009, the Democratic House Leadership communicated to their members that they were working in close coordination with the White House and Health Care for America Now (HCAN) to get “grass roots” activities at town hall meetings through the month of August.  Five days later HCAN released a detailed instruction sheet for the union members of SEIU on how to control admission, speech, behavior and security at town hall meetings.  Two days after that staff members of the St. Louis SEIU implemented these strategies at Rep. Russ Carnahan’s town hall event which resulted in Kenneth Gladney being beaten by an SEIU Business Agent and an SEIU Public Service Director.

Big Government has much more on this scandal.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with Kenneth Gladney about the August beatdown.
Kenneth told me that local officials have refused to return his calls or contact him since the assault.

St. Louis County Officials have not returned any of his calls since the brutal beatdown in August.


Kenneth Gladney was beaten and stomped on by SEIU thugs outside of the Russ Carnahan town hall meeting in August. Kenneth Gladney’s brother Keith told reporters last week, “The charges should have been more serious.”

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