John McCain Challenged Barack Obama Over Afghan Withdrawal Date (Video)

John McCain went on CBS last night opposing the withdrawal date set by Barack Obama.

Of course, Katie Couric defended Obama’s decision to withdrawal troops in 18 months.

John McCain also challenged the president in a private meeting before the speech.
CNN reported, via Free Republic:

Hours before he was set to address the nation on his new Afghanistan strategy, President Obama and members of his war council spent about an hour briefing senior members of Congress at a White House meeting that multiple sources described as businesslike and sobering…

…Three GOP sources told CNN that Sen. John McCain used the meeting to directly challenge the president on his exit strategy.

The sources said that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell deferred to McCain, who questioned the concept of announcing now plans to begin withdrawing in July, 2011.

These sources said the president responded to McCain by promising that the withdrawal would be based on conditions on the ground.

Other experts fear the ousted Afghan Taliban will simply cross the border and wait Obama out.

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