Iranian Cartoonists Mock Obama's Weak Stand Against Killer Regime

Planet Iran reported tonight that the regime has rounded up and arrested several reporters, women’s activists, and freedom activists today.

Iranian cartoonist, Nikahang Kosar drew the below cartoon after Obama’s soft words condemning the evil regime yesterday:

Obama: We condemn the oppression of the protesters – – – – – – Ahmadinejad: Yeah and then?

Here’s another cartoon posted at Rooz Online:


The Iranian freedom protesters said it best. They chanted Obama’s name in an earlier freedom protest:
“Obama, Obama, Are you with the regime or with us?”

UPDATE: According to Iranian human rights activists, on Sunday in Tehran, a number of Tehrani citizens within the city of College intersection were shot by regime mercenaries. At least seven citizens died and many were injured.

After a protest at Kalej Bridge. The man was shot by an anti-riot police’s pellet gun. (Iran Press News)

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