How Sad… Indian & Chinese Leaders Lecture Obama at Copenhagen Junk Science Summit

Doug Ross caught this report from the Copenhagen meetings. It was reported in the Indian news but our state run media was too busy brown-nosing the president and missed it.
The Indian Prime Minister lectured Obama on his obligations.

When Obama entered the room, there was no chair for him. Obama himself was reported as saying that there weren’t any seats…

…At the “accidental” five- nation meeting, Prime Minister Singh told Obama that international review of voluntary mitigation action was unacceptable as he was answerable to Parliament. Any international review of India’s voluntary mitigation actions would go against public opinion, he said.

Wen also had similar views, while Lula voiced concerns over imposition of trade barriers on developing countries under the garb of environment protection.

How sad. The Indians and even the Chinese leaders know that their first responsibility is to their own country. For some odd reason they don’t want to destroy their country’s economies, something that is completely foreign to Barack Obama.

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