Full-Body Scanners Won't Protect Passengers from A$$ Bombers

Thanks to the Nigerian undie bomber passengers can look forward to full-body scanners at several international airports in the coming months.

But they won’t protect passengers from terrorists who store explosives in their anal cavity.
That’s right. The scanners won’t do $hit to protect you.

Consumer Traveler reported:

These new machines have already been rendered obsolete by terrorists who are packing explosives up their anus. Don’t laugh. This technique has already been tested with lethal effect in the assassination a Saudi prince. The whole-body scanners can not detect that kind of hidden explosive. I only worry about TSA’s coming anus-scanning system. I’m sure it is in the works.

If we must, to temporarily satisfy the insatiable quest for full disclosure, these machines can be used for secondary screening. The U.S. House of Representatives have already sounded off loudly and clearly about their disagreement with TSA when it comes to using these full-body virtual strip machines as the primary screening systems at out nation’s airports.

Earlier this month, TSA arranged for me to see one of these whole-body scanners in operation at Washington-Regan Airport. It was of the millimeter wave type and is in operation at the bank of gates that serves US Airways among other airlines.

Besides the fact that the scanners won’t protect passengers from terrorists storing bombs in their anal or vaginal cavity, Al-Qaeda is already practicing to beat the scanners.


For the record… a Yemeni Jihadi nearly assassinated Saudi Deputy Interior Minister, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. The attacker hid the explosives in his a$$.

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