Egypt Builds Apartheid Wall on Gaza Border

Egypt is erecting their own apartheid wall.
apartheid wall2
Obviously, the young leftists won’t be protesting this barrier.
The Guardian reported:

Work has begun on Egypt’s northern border to dig the foundations for what reports say will be a vast underground metal wall in the latest effort to prevent weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian security officials have said they are digging steel tubes into the ground on their side of the border and are paving a road that will have devices along its route to monitor smuggling. The US Army Corps of Engineers, which is reportedly involved, has worked with the Egyptians on preventing smuggling along this border for at least two years.

Palestinian smugglers in Gaza have built dozens, perhaps hundreds, of underground tunnels through the sand to bring a wide range of goods into the small territory, from food to fuel to cattle, to skirt Israel’s economic blockade. Armed groups, notably Hamas, also operate more secret tunnels to bring in weapons and these are often targeted by Israeli jets. After Israel’s three-week war in Gaza last January the US said it would provide technical and intelligence assistance to Egypt to stop weapons smuggling into the strip.

It’s nice that the US can help secure the Gaza border with Egypt.
Maybe someday we’ll do that here at home, too.
Hat Tip Scott T.

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