David Axelrod: Dems Will Have a Good Result in 2010

Obama’s Senior White House Advisor told David Gregory today that Democrats will have a good result in 2010.
ACORN better get busy.
The Politico reported:

Senior White House adviser David Axelrod on Sunday brushed aside expert predictions that Democrats will suffer steep losses in next year’s midterm congressional elections.

“I think we’re gonna have a good result next – next November,”
Axelrod told David Gregory, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Though Axelrod quickly added “I’m not gonna predict where we are,” he roundly dismissed suggestions that Democrats will pay the price at the ballot box for their efforts to push through health care reform legislation, and suggested that President Obama’s sub-50-percent approval rating in most polls is unrelated to his heavy investment in the health care fight.

“I don’t ascribe poll numbers to this particular – to this particular issue. I think that we’re governing, remember, in an economically difficult time. We came to office in the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. And so, of course, I could have told you a year ago that our numbers were not gonna be – were not gonna be – as strong a year later.”

Axelrod better hope the state-run media doesn’t start reporting the extent of the damage they caused this past year.
Obama and Democrats tripled the national deficit in less than one year.

They’ve increased the national debt to $12 Trillion.
Obama promised his stimulus plan would create 3.7 million new jobs.
Instead America has lost 3.6 million jobs.
And they’re about to pass a massive new rationed health care plan that will cost billions.

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