Conservatives Palin & Malkin Team Up in Colorado

Conservative Heroes–
palin malkin
Michelle Malkin wrote this on meeting Sarah Palin in Colorado yesterday: The governor and I talked briefly about Copenhagen (here’s her latest piece in the Washington Post calling on President Obama to stay home in the wake of ClimateGate), left-wing attacks on conservative politicians (Michele Bachmann is the latest target of specious ethics complaints), and the blessings of living outside the Beltway. Most of all, I’m glad I got a chance to simply say “Thank you” in person — for her strong conservative voice, for her relentless optimism in the face of unrelenting attacks, and for her public service as a defender of life and advocate of the American dream.

Sarah Palin added this on her Twitter account: “Thrilled 2 meet Michelle Malkin&her beautiful family in Colorado Springs,along w/a couple thousand more fine locals;thank you CO!On 2 Nevada”

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