Congress Will Probe Bribes to Democratic Senators Afghan Warlords

Congress will probe bribes to Democratic Senators Afghan warlords.
FOX News reported:

Congress is investigating allegations that U.S. tax dollars are being paid to warlords and the Taliban for security on supply routes used to truck food, water, fuel and ammunition to American troops in Afghanistan.

If the allegations are true, then the U.S. would be unintentionally involved in a protection racket and indirectly financing the enemy, Rep. John Tierney, the Massachusetts Democrat leading the inquiry, said Wednesday.

The Obama administration is escalating the U.S. mission in Afghanistan amid concerns that corruption throughout the country is a major roadblock to progress.

Bribes and kickbacks are frequently used to do business there, raising worries among many Democrats on Capitol Hill that the U.S. investment will fall short of stabilizing Afghanistan’s shaky government.

It’s a good thing bribes and kickbacks aren’t “frequently used to do business here,” huh?

However, Congress will not be probing the bribes to Democratic Warlords Afghan Senators Democratic Senators for their Obamacare vote.

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