Holiday Protesters Leave Scrooge McCaskill Lumps of Coal For Her Obamacare Vote (Video)

Today hundreds of protesters met at liberal Senator Claire McCaskill’s office to tell her—
“We don’t want your stinking gift!”

We Won’t Forget, Claire–

Missouri Doesn’t Want Obama’s Rationed Health Care Bill, but Claire McCaskill supported the power grab by liberals anyway.

Blogodidact has video of Dana Loesch and myself singing the “The 12 Obama Days of Christmas”

An angry protester.

Protesters returned the favor and brought Claire McCaskill lumps of coal today.

Claire McCaskill gave Missouri rationed health care this week. So today tea party protesters returned the favor. Each protester was rationed one lump of coal to leave at McCaskill’s St. Louis office.
(That’s a catchy Christmas song, huh? …A good solid B+.)

Here’s a recycling idea that just might catch on with conservatives.

Dana Loesch has more photos.


Got voter’s remorse?
Evidently you’re not alone.

A Traditional Life Lived
livestreamed the protest today.

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