Cash for Caulkers… Government Spent $2 Million of Stimulus Money to Caulk 7 Homes (Video)

Cash for Caulkers–
The US government spent two million dollars of Stimulus money to caulk 7 homes.

From the Cashing In program on FOX News Saturday.

Most of the money went to administrative costs including salaries of state workers.
Texas Energy and Environment blog reported:

The state received millions of federal dollars from the economic-stimulus package to help poor Texans cut their energy bills, but by the end of last month, just seven homes had been weather-treated under the program.

The state has spent $1.8 million of $163 million available over the past four months, with most of it going to administrative costs, such as the salaries of state workers.

The weatherization program was a key element of the federal effort to revive the economy, billed as a quick way to create jobs, save energy and cut utility bills.

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