Bad News For Corruptocrats– A Record 58% Now Oppose Obamacare (46% Strongly Oppose)

Here’s more bad news for the bribe-takers, vote-buyers and jokers

Opposition to the nationalized health care legislation making its way through Congress is is now at its highest point at 58% . 19% of voters strongly support the bill while 46% strongly oppose it.
Rasmussen reported:

Many have questioned whether those who favor or oppose the health care plan in Congress really know what’s in it. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey suggests that they have a decent understanding of the bill and that voter attitudes towards the legislation have hardened.

While several individual components of the plan are popular, reminding voters of what’s included in the plan has virtually no impact on support for the overall legislation. This suggests that there are not major surprises in the legislation that will cause people to change their opinion of it.

Thirty-nine percent (39% ) of voters nationwide support the plan, and 58% are opposed. That’s consistent with our weekly tracking of the issue which has found support between 38% and 41% every week from just before Thanksgiving to the end of 2009.

The new figures include 19% who Strongly Favor the plan and 46% who Strongly Oppose it.

Yid with Lid has charted the discontent.

Good luck with that ad Senator Nelson.

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